Aftermarket Differential Survey

Aftermarket Differential Survey
Thank you for completing this survey. After completion, click on the submit button. We would like to have the surveys completed by November 15, 2013.
If you prefer, you may print, complete, and mail your return to Auburn Gear, 400 E Auburn Drive, Auburn IN 46706. Please mail by November 13, 2013 or fax to 260-925-4725.
Aftermarket Differential Survey
Which of the following best describes your company? (Please choose only one)
What is your current primary job function?
During the past year, has your company purchased any products from AGI?
Please indicate your perception of Auburn Gear (AGI) as a supplier:

Strongly Disagree

Strongly Agree
AGI products are superior to our competitor's products
AGI provides strong technical support that meets your needs
AGI offers a range of products that meet your requirements
AGI provides products that are priced at competitive levels
AGI has an acceptable Return Goods Authorization (RGA) system / policy
Compared to other suppliers, AGI offers a good warranty on the products it sells
AGI management is accessible when needed
AGI salespeople are knowledgeable of products sold
AGI offers prompt resolution of problems
AGI salespeople are accessible / provide good call frequency

To access technical information on Auburn Gear products, would you prefer to use:
Have you used the AGI Website to obtain information?
  • If yes, did you find the information you needed?
  • If no, how can we improve the website?


For product availabllity or order status informaton, would you prefer to obtain this from:
Did you contact Auburn Gear during the past year with a problem or complaint?
  • If yes, was the problem or complaint in the area of:
  • If you chose "Didn't have product needed", what product did you need?:
  • If you had a complaint, were you satisfied with the manner in which the matter was handled?:
  • If not satisfied, what steps should have been taken to resolve the complaint in an acceptable manner?:
What would you consider to be an acceptable lead time (in business days) for Auburn Gear products?:

Very Dissatisfied

Very Satisfied
Overall, How satisfied are you with AGI's products and services?

Very Poor

Very Good
How would you rate AGI as a supplier?

What could Auburn Gear do to be a better supplier or better serve your company?:

If you would like your answers to remain anonymous, you do not have to provide the below information:
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