Expanded N-Series Drives

3/6/2012 1:31:10 PM
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Auburn Gear is pleased to announce the expansion of our family on N-Series drives.  In addition to the Model 8 'N'-Series, we have now introduced new Model 9 and Model 10B N-Series wheel drives.  The primary feature of the N-Series drives is that the parking brake is fully integrated into the spindle of the gearbox.  This cut-away image depicts the fully integrated brake.  This feature makes the N-Series drives one of the most compact planetary+brake final drive systems on the market.  In addition, because the spindle cavity is larger to accomodate the brake, these drives utilize larger high-capacity tapered roller bearings that provide even greater radial load capacity.  This is a very positive benefit for many applications where the trend has been toward larger machines to make them more productive.  With the N-Series drives you do not need to contend with the added length of a bolt-on brake.  The N-Series drives are targeted toward mobile equipment applications where a parking brake is needed but space inside the wheel is limited.  The N-Series drives are the ideal solution - - you get the planetary drive and parking brake with no added length.  Plus, the additional benefit of higher load carrying capability.  Please contact us for your next "engineered drive solution".