If you believe the Power Wheel® product purchased is still under warranty, please fill out the Return Goods Authorization Initiation form below. Please note Auburn Gear’s warranty relates to defects in material and workmanship only and is in effect one year from date of in service or two years from date of shipment, whichever comes first. Please read our formal warranty policy.

Your RGA # will be issued by an Auburn Gear Quality/Reliability Engineer upon the completion of this form by the customer. If material for this RGA is not received at Auburn Gear within 90 days from date of issue, the RGA is void.

The following requests: Out of warranty inspections, customer requested inspections, and rework of a PW in warranty but found to be a customer issue will result in bench charges, labor hourly rate, plus cost of parts.

            – Bench fee of $350.00

            – Labor rate of $150.00 / hour

RGAs are to be shipped back to Auburn Gear as F.O.B. Origin. Customer is to pay the return freight cost. If a credit allowed is determined, then Auburn Gear receives a copy of the freight cost and will add this cost to the credit memo.

Complete the form below and click submit.

For questions/inquiries email Aaron Binegar: Email: Direct phone: Aaron Binegar 260-920-3512 Fax: 260-920-3517


Ship your RGA to: (Please be sure the RGA # is labeled clearly on the return package(s)).

ATTN: Aaron Binegar
Auburn Gear, LLC
400 East Auburn Drive, Auburn, IN 46706-3499


When submitting an Auburn Gear Power Wheel for warranty evaluation the following must be completed:

1) Section I (complete all)
2) Section II – Part Number (located on ID tag), example 60001234 – Qty – Date in Service – WO # or SN (located on ID tag), example 301520 001 – Date Code is not required as long as Part number and WO# or SN is provided. – Application – Detailed description of defect
3) Section III – If Credit or Credit Disallowed, check what would apply for the material returned.
4) Section IV – If the product is replaced/reworked or to be returned and the ship to address is different from Section I, please include the shipping address here. If a PO is required please document here as well.
Note: If the ID tag is no longer affixed to the Power Wheel please click here to view videos that show you how to find the hand stamp codes. If you are unable to locate the codes contact Auburn Gear Warranty group for directions.